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This is a blog about what’s good for the earth, our bodies, or both! We all know that by adopting a greener lifestyle we can help the earth. Being eco-friendly can be great for our own health, too. But sometimes the “green” alternative we choose isn’t as good for us or for the environment over the long term. In that case, we need to come up with a new green solution!

Similarly, when we choose to take control of our health through diet or otherwise, our choices often help the planet as well: Transporting a strawberry to a local farmers’ market uses a lot less fuel than flying it half-way around the world. As a bonus, locally-grown food tastes better and is packed with nutrients that haven’t been lost en route.

These posts will run the gamut from long to short and serious to fun, but all with the hope of stirring the imagination. Sometimes I’ll focus just on health or nutrition and sometimes just on our environment. I like to think of these issues as part of one big symbiotic relationship. My goal is to find solutions for fixing our planet that complement our quest to become more healthy as individuals.

About me

My name is Ellen and I am a someone who loves solving mysteries! I enjoy researching topics close to my heart, such as anything having to do with health, nutrition or the environment. I especially love observing how positive changes (even small ones) that I make in lifestyle really do improve my family’s health and lessen our physical impact on our world.

In Life Before Child I worked as a researcher in molecular biology and, more recently, as an epidemiologist. Epidemiology is a great science for health detectives!   My undergraduate  degrees are in biology and international relations.  I also have a master of public health degree in epidemiology and biostatistics.

These days I do my researching from home. My husband and I have a little boy, who is larger than life for us. We’re trying to make his world as happy and healthy as it can be.

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