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I often provide hyperlinks to books, movies and other items that I mention in my posts.   For some of these items I receive a small commission if you buy through my site.  Money that I earn goes towards supporting the BodyEarth website and helps allow me to continue blogging.  It does not raise your cost to buy through “affiliate links.”

I earn a small commission from any purchases you make through my links to or through links to IndieBound, a consortium of independent booksellers.  You can visit my Amazon BodyEarth Store and my IndieBound BodyEarth Store from my menu bar.

While it’s wonderful to receive small commissions from time to time, I hereby officially encourage you to find as many items as you can locally.  Libraries are a marvelous thing!  IndieBound also lists local bookstores you can visit.

Any other affiliate links I provide will only be for products and services that I condone wholeheartedly.

If you are going to be doing any shopping at, BodyEarth can earn a small commission (without costing you any more) if you follow this link: Shop at



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